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Here you will find Early style goods for your Primitive Homestead.Each one reminisent of a Simpler tyme. I will gladly accept your Checks... or Money orders I am working on getting Pay Pal at the moment Hopefully I will have it soon. Blessings to all! .... Donna

Monday, October 18, 2010

New fabric covered window light in a cheesecloth sack.

Can be ordered in Choice of Black check homespun print. The flower print you see here or Brown flower print.And the bulb can also be choice of Regular silicone you see here or a Hand grunged silicone with spices.(See photo's below for fabrics...and bulb style) 10.00 plus traveling fee.


  1. Absolutely you can copy my idea. Love the way the barrel looks in person. Hope it flies out the door! Dawn

  2. Thanks so much...I will definately do that.And I'll post a pic ...and be sure I give you credit.No worries this is not gonna be for sale..it's gonna go in my Kitchen!!!! lol!