Welcome to Cripple Creek... The selling blog.

Here you will find Early style goods for your Primitive Homestead.Each one reminisent of a Simpler tyme. I will gladly accept your Checks... or Money orders I am working on getting Pay Pal at the moment Hopefully I will have it soon. Blessings to all! .... Donna

Monday, October 18, 2010

New fabric covered window light in a cheesecloth sack.

Can be ordered in Choice of Black check homespun print. The flower print you see here or Brown flower print.And the bulb can also be choice of Regular silicone you see here or a Hand grunged silicone with spices.(See photo's below for fabrics...and bulb style) 10.00 plus traveling fee.

New Grubby fabric covered Led Cupboard light.

Black checked Homespun fabric.Bulb is silicone heavily grunged with spices and fits perfectly on its handmade base. 10.00 Plus traveling fee.Thease are my own design.

New Grubby fabric covered Led Cupboard light.

Brown flower print coffee stained fabric.Bulb is heavily grunged with silicone and spices..and sits on a handmade by me base that is a perfect fit for the candle.10.00 plus traveling fee.

New Grubby fabric covered Led Cupboard light.

Coffee stained tan with Burgundy Rose print.Theas have a heavily grunged silicone spice coated bulb. On a handmade base that is a perfect fit for the candle.10.00 plus traveling fee.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New small tealight Cubby hanger.

This one is card board covered in cheese cloth..nice and solid,And the grubby tealight fits perfectly inside. 5.00 Plus traveling fare.

New small Sweetannie Dittybag

This one is actually made of Cardboard,,wrapped in grubby cheesecloth. So it's solid .. not flimsy. 5.00 plus traveling fare.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pure Sugar Cake.. (sealed but still smells wonderfully of 100 % Brown sugar!)

4 inch round cake..that you can place about anywhere.Thease make a nice little accent to a wood bowl... breadboard and as you can see even sitting on an old scale.5.00 each plus Travel fare.I will have to get a better close up pic of thease But it is wrapped in coffee stained paper and accented with cheesecloth and sweetannie as well as a grubby tag...like the others.

Pure Sugar Cake.. (sealed but still smells wonderfully of 100 % Brown sugar!)

I love the look of thease.. like any Pantry cake..thease little cakes can be placed in a wooden bowl..or sat on a breadboard or shelf..about anywhere. Thease are about 4 inches round and 1/2 inch thick. 5.00 each plus Travel fare.

2 inch hanging Pure sugar cone Cubby hanger.(Sealed like all others..but still has that wonderful brown sugar smell!!)

You can do one of 2 things with this one... Hang it from a pegboard or a cupboard. Or wrap it in the cheese cloth it comes in and sit it someplace..would look cute even sitting on a small shelf. Thease are 5.oo each Plus Travel fare.

Love the shape of thease Pure Sugar Cones(Sealed like the others but smell wonderful!)

about 3 inches tall..Left one wrapped in cheesecloth... Right one in aged brown paper.6.50 each plus Travel fare.

Small 2 inch Hanging Sugar Cone.(Sealed but still smells wonderful!)

I believe thease are my own design... I have never seen them as Cubby Hangers anywhere.Thease are 5.oo each plus Travel Fare.

New Pure Sugar Cone (Sealed ..but still smells wonderful!)

I love the way this one turned out... it's Roughly 4 inches tall and about 2 inches wide. A nice size ..and will make a nice Prim accent to your Pantry or Kitchen sitting on a breadboard,,or old scale .. in a wooden bowl....etc. 6.50 plus Travel fare.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A very small start on this blog!!! lol!!!

I only have 2 of thease Cubby Cones available at the moment..because I am on the lookout for more of the cones!! But thought I would post thease 2 anyway. I grubbied thease up as well as the tealight inside. They are accented with aged cheesecloth and a nice size sprig of sweetannie..as well as a fabric dated tag. They hang from jute string...and can be hung just about anywhere you want to add a little prim touch. Appox. 4 inches tall.7.50 plus traveling fare.