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Here you will find Early style goods for your Primitive Homestead.Each one reminisent of a Simpler tyme. I will gladly accept your Checks... or Money orders I am working on getting Pay Pal at the moment Hopefully I will have it soon. Blessings to all! .... Donna

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harvest Corn Cubby Hanger 6.50 plus traveling fee.

Each one hangs from a grubby string...and Are ultra grubby,with an Early Prim look.


  1. You have outdone yourself girlfriend, these all look awesome!!

  2. I love these Donna! Can I use my coupon for one of these? Whatever color corn you have in stock is fine with me! I love fall decor! Thanks!!!

  3. You got it Robyn!!!!!!!But you still have some left on it..like I said I dont care if it goes over the amount. How about one of the Broom straw pot scrubber hangers to go with it?

  4. YES PLEASE!! I LOVE THOSE!! Thank you so much Donna!

  5. OK sent ya a message on FB too ...was'nt sure you would see this first!! lol!