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Here you will find Early style goods for your Primitive Homestead.Each one reminisent of a Simpler tyme. I will gladly accept your Checks... or Money orders I am working on getting Pay Pal at the moment Hopefully I will have it soon. Blessings to all! .... Donna

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hey everyone my stupid Blog is acting all wonky Again today!!!

I'm actually haveing issues with Google!!!For those of you who wanted prices on the pics I have posted....please find me on Facebook and friend request me. Donna Wilkins,,,and for those of you who are on the APP forum ...I am there too. You can also email me at ddwhyme63@comcast.net. Notice the freaking WHYME in the center of that email??? It's way to fitting right now!!!! There are words floating around in my head that are not very lady like right now!!!!Now who the heck knows if this will even post.It works when it wants too!!!!I swear my google account or blog has a Mind of it's own!!!! Fingers crossed ..lets hope this posts!!! Cause I am soooooooooooo beyond irritated right now!!!! hugs!!!

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